I Gave Myself a Chance

Winter is my favourite season for hill walking (or mountaineering in winter) and photography.  There has been some snowfall over the last few days and more was forecast for the weekend. I wanted to make the most of the conditions but I am working all weekend and have a short trip to Budapest planned for next week.

I realised the only way I could get out in the hills was by going first thing on Friday morning. The only problem was I was working all day Thursday! This meant driving to location after finishing work at midnight on Thursday, sleeping in my car, starting the walk at 6am and driving straight to work afterwards to be start at 4pm.

It sounded great in theory but rarely anything I do goes to plan. I folded down the back seats of my car and threw in my camping gear. I eventually decided on Ben Chonzie as it’s fairly straightforward and within a 2 hour drive from work.

As I approached Crieff it began to snow and there was already a few centimetres of fresh snow lying on the country roads. I continued with caution and parked in a lay-by a few miles away from the start of the walk. I was absolutely knackered. I climbed into my sleeping bag and quickly fell asleep. I had an uncomfortable night sleep as I had parked on a small hill which meant I kept sliding to the bottom of my sleeping mat. I also parked under some trees which constantly dripped water onto the roof of the car. 

I woke up at 6:30 a.m and it was still snowing. I drove cautiously to the car park which was covered in fresh snow. My tyres struggled to get traction and just spun as I tried to park. I stood outside and saw that the surrounded hills were engulfed in clouds. I was worried that my car would get stuck in the snow and I was several miles down a remote country road. I also knew that the walk would be miserable with the amount of fresh snow that had fallen combined with whiteout conditions from the start. I was gutted. I climbed back into my car and sheepishly drove back to the main road, where there were absolutely no signs that it has been snowing at all!

And here I am 2 hours later… back home going for a quick sleep before heading to work this afternoon. A disappointing start to the day! There is freeze forecast for this weekend along with sunshine and clear sky’s! I look forward to seeing everyone’s photos while I’m stuck at work. 

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