Image by Stuart Cole Photography

Welcome! As you might have guessed, my name is Steven Fergus and I am an amateur Landscape Photographer living in Ayrshire, Scotland.

My interest in photography started with my terrible goldfish-like memory. People would often say to me: Do you remember when…? Do you remember that time…? And I always had no idea what they were talking about! A camera became a way for me to capture life events and re-jog my memory when I struggled to answer those questions.

After some time my photography skills increased and I began to combine it with my love of the outdoors. I can remember climbing my first Munro and being totally amazed by the view from the summit. I was in awe. From then on I have taken my camera with me on every hill walking trip  (for the obligatory summit picture of course) and to capture the amazing scenery along the way.

I also enjoy wild camping, mountaineering and a little of bit of climbing!